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_____________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Omni Gym
Home of The Original Yoga Swing

What about the incomparable OMNI GYM We are talking about the complete package of the Omni YogaSwing and our sturdy portable Rock-It Stand. Universal Home Gyms do not stand a chance!

Check it out.

18 CORE FUNCTIONS of our Omni Gym and YogaSwings1) Inversion Therapy2) Lumbar-Pelvic Traction3) Weightless Flying Fitness4) Self Treat Neck & Back Pain5) Spinal Decompression Therapy6) Total Home Gym & Athletic Trainer7) Home Rehab for Musculo-Skeletal Injuries8 ) Martial Arts - Dance - Gymnastics - ALL Sports 9) Self-Manipulation of Spine ('Chiropractor-in-a-Sling')10) Jungle Gym for Kids (they love to spin & bounce)11) Suspension Fitness Trainer (way beyond TRX) 12) Home Physical Therapy (save thousands $$)13) Aerial Yoga Dance - Antigravity Yoga 14) Tension & Stress Management15) Tantra Love Swing !6) Simple Hammock17) Pilates Trainer18) Sky Chair


$ave on $pring Pre-Arrival $ale!

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